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Vol. 5 Issue 2

IJARET Vol. 5 Issue 2 (Apr to June 2018)

Sr. No. Research Topic Paper ID Page No.
1.Using Internet-Based Materials to Enhance non-English Majors’ Reading Comprehension
Thuong Bui Thi Lam, Thuy Do Thi Thanh
2.A Review of the Socio-Economic Complication of Scheduled Caste Students in Higher Education Keeping Assam as the sample
Sayan Basak, Madhuri Chakraborty, Antara Nandi
3.A Real Time Video Streaming in Wireless Network using key frame extraction and Forward Error Correction Coding
Dhananjay More, Associate Prof. R. M. Goudar
4.The Role of Explicit Knowledge in English Foreign Language Learning
Yufei Ren, Xiaomei Ma
5.Nurses’ knowledge on the nature and scope of diabetic complications in Selected Hospitals in Kisumu County, Kenya
LydiahBochaberi Nyachiro, Prof. LtCol (Rtd) John M. O. Okoth, Dr. Gordon Nguka
6.Performance Analysis of Truncated Triangular Microstrip Patch Antenna
Mayurakshi Roy Medhi
7.The influence and function of mathematical culture in University Mathematics
Hongkui Li
8.Teaching thinking about driving unit and driving circuit
Xueting Liu
9.Comprarison Between the use of modern and old surveying euipment through the updating of digital maps
Asma Th. Ibraheem, Zainab H. Mahdi, ThikraNajah