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Vol. 5 Issue 4

IJARET Vol. 5 Issue 4 (October to December 2018)

Sr. No. Research Topic Paper ID Page No.
1.Research on the Integration of Theory and Practice Teaching Mode Based on “Core Literacy”
Xueting Liu
2.Development and implementation strategies of Geographic Key Competence (GKC)
Wu Hong, Zhang Yong, Xiang Wen
3.A Review Paper on Study of Soil-Fly Ash Mix Effect on the Stability of Rigid Pavement Subgrade
Arun Singh Majhal, Dr. Rakesh Gupta
4.Trending Issues Related To Teaching Educational Technology

Vijaya kumar chavan, Nagendta rao howji, M.Bhaskar, K. Sabntosh, G. Sumalatha, M. Sridevei,D.Sravan
5.Role of Teachers and Parents in Educating Slow Learners
Appanna R. Ambigi
6.Gifted Children Characterstics and Programmes To Enhance Their Potential
Mangal Korabu
7.Studying TQM of Private Higher Education Using Statistical Methods
Nathier A Ibrahim,Salman H. Omran, Tariq M. Hamza
8.Non-contact Gesture Recognition Device Based on FDC2214
Yanping Wang, Xuyang Wang
9.Research on Circuit Teaching Based on Flipped Class in MOOC Era
Yan-ping Wang, Wan-qiang Liu, Xu-yang Wang