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Vol. 5 Issue 3

IJARET Vol. 5 Issue 3 (July to September 2018)

Sr. No. Research Topic Paper ID Page No.
1.An Enhanced Bio-Chaotic Algorithm for Classifying Iris Image Extraction and Encryption
S.Kalaiselvi, R.Anandha Jothi, Dr.V.Palanisamy
2.A Iris Scanner Based Secure Identification Using LDA Techniques Based Voting System
Y.Preethi, R.Anandha Jothi, Dr.V.Palanisamy
3.Job Satisfaction Among Teacher Educatora
Sunita P. Patil, Dr. A. H. Joshi
4.Implementation of Co-Curricular Activities in Secondary Schools: A Role of TeachersImplementation of Co-Curricular Activities in Secondary Schools: A Role of Implementation of Co-Curricular Activities in Secondary Schools: A Role of Teachers

Rajashekhar.G.Chalageri, Dr.M.C.Yarriswami
5.Path Analytical Study of Direct and Indirect Effects of Attitude Towards Biology and Biological Science Reasoning on Achievement of Secondary School Students
Sadashivappa, N, Dr. Nagappa P. Shahapur
6.Role of Teachers and Parents in Honing Their Hidden Talents of Slow Learners

Prof. Kalpana.M.Painagoni
7.Rural Development in India: A Role of Self-Help Group
Prof. Mahadev.S.Terdal
8.Fee-Based Services as Source for Funding Academic Libraries in Nigeria

John, Henry Chukwudi, Egbeyemi, Taiwo A., Nwosu, Jonathan C.
9.Factors Affecting Oral Presentations of the Second-Year English Majors at Hanoi University of Industry
Nhung Nguyen Thi Phuong
10.The transformative International student experience of Asian American students: a qualitative study with suggestions for future research

Dr. Ravinder Sandhu, Dr. Mamta Roy
11.Employee Business Ethics: A comparative study on employee perceptions
Alexandros Antonaras, Melpo Iacovidou, Paraskevi Dekoulou
12.A Study on Software Testing

Deepthi S, Sree Raj M P
13.Difficulties and Some Solutions in Teaching English to Grade One Students in Hadong District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Thi Phuong Thuy Do